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Dropping by to write down the most creepy-fucked-up dreams I’ve had lately, all between 07.30 and 09.06, this morning.

1. Went to a high school reunion – which was kind of awesome, because it was like a ceremony meant to expose the biggest failure amongst graduates hehe, cough, nevermind – got harassed by a weird looking janitor-like guy working there and tried to expose him. He said no one would ever believe me, and there I was, all brave, responding that it didn’t matter as long as I made it easier for the next girl who’ll complain about having to take that kind of behavior. And then he stabbed me in the back.

2. Tried to jump from a tree-house, but the damn thing was in the middle of a football field and amazingly high – higher than a 4 stories block of flats. Wanted to throw my backpack  first so I could land on something and soften the fall (somehow that was supposed to make sense), but the only thing left in my tree-house were two rolls of toilet paper. Major panic – did not jump.

3. „Woke up” at home and tried to go in the kitchen. The door was left ajar and I saw a hand – a hand with a knife – and the hand stood still in mid air, somehow blocking the kitchen door. Instead of running out of the house, I went back to my bedroom, got dressed and panicked. Tried calling someone, but the ‘someone’ bastard did not answer. Tried going backing to the kitchen, but the killer was already coming at me – it was a she, a blonde, lovely lady, and the knife had morphed into a pair of scissors. We fought and I pushed the scissors into her chest.




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