cat versus stink bug. human gets it!

Septembrie 29, 2011 § 2 comentarii

Miss Meowreese Minou has just discovered that licking stink bugs has the smelly potential of fondling a skunk’s tummy. Frantic spasms. Check. Jumping like a wild pony and knocking down chairs in her way. Check. Check. Spasm. Stupid human looking scared. Licking paws in awe and disgust. Check. Paws reek. Check. Desperate mid-night snack attack like there’s no tomorrow. Sip milk. Sip. Sip. Run around and spread the stench all over the bedroom. Check. Attack human. Check. Spasm. Sit on bed and lick some more gooey bug chemicals off paws. Human is 3 minutes away from running to a 24/7 vet clinic. Check.  Human gets dressed and goes back in the bedroom to find cat asleep on cushion. Check. Neurotic mommy-must-watch-over-you-tonight. Check.


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§ 2 Responses to cat versus stink bug. human gets it!

  • beausergent spune:

    anxiously waiting for news…

  • catmime spune:

    Mieunatorul e bine, dar a ramas cu ceva traume legate de chestii mici si negre umblatoare, de balcon si de drumul pana acolo, respectiv bucataria, pe care azi a traversat-o doar in slow motion. Gandacul e inca disparut in actiune. Cat despre miros, dupa vreo 10-12 ore am revenit la normal… si pisica si mainile mele si perna.

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