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(1) What all individuals diagnosed on the autism spectrum have in common are delays or disabilities when it comes to social skills such as ordinary conversation, eye contact and emotional understanding of others. These issues are likely to lead to impaired social interaction, problems with verbal and nonverbal communication, and unusual, repetitive, or severely limited activities and interests.

(2) No matter their verbal abilities, though, almost everyone on the autism spectrum has a hard time using speech in social interactions. That’s because they are coping with a double challenge: their own difficulties in expressing ideas appropriately, and others’ difficulties in understanding and accepting them.

(3) Often, people with high functioning autism or Asperger syndrome find themselves frustrated when their attempts to communicate are met with blank stares or even laughter.

(4) Adults with AS may appear painfully shy, or they may be extremely outgoing – sometimes to the point of being „in your face.” That’s because people with AS often misinterpret social interaction. Questions they may ask themselves: How far away do I stand from another person? How long can I talk about my favorite subject? What’s the right answer to „how are you? If these are the types of questions that puzzle you on a regular basis, you may already have considered the possibility that you have AS.

(5 Asperger in Adults)

The lack of empathy prevalent in the disorder makes interpersonal relationships difficult for most with Asperger Syndrome. Many individuals also have additional problems such as an inability to hold eye contact, awkwardness with posture, and a lack of facial expression. They are often unable to read the subtleties of body language and facial expressions necessary to interact normally. This can often lead to others seeing them as uncaring or selfish. Those with AS are usually shocked and upset when told their actions were inappropriate or hurtful.

While those with Autism are typically withdrawn, a person with AS are not afraid to approach others. This can often be quite awkward and off-putting for others as those with AS may engage in long-winded speeches about a favorite topic instead of discussions. Those with Aspergers tend to misunderstand or not recognize the reactions and feelings of those they are with. Some mistake this social awkwardness as a disregarding of feelings which means making friends can be quite difficult for those with AS. Sadly after a number of failed social encounters and attempts at friendship, the childhood desire for companionship can become numbed.

Individuals with AS can often discuss the intricacies of social norms in almost scientific detail without the ability to put that knowledge into action. Quite often their attempts to „act normal” can cause additional problems when others misinterpret their intentions.


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