Humphrey, Chief Mouser on Downing Street

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Humphrey was the chief mouser at 10 Downing Street for more than eight years. Adopted as a stray, the cat served under Margaret Thatcher, John Major and Tony Blair. Humphrey’s death was first announced in September 1995 because he had been missing since June of that year and was presumed to be dead.

However, he was later found to be living nearby at the Royal Army Medical College. He returned to his post at Downing Street until November 1997 when he vanished. Rumors swirled that Cherie Blair hated Humphrey so much that she had him killed.

The government insisted that Humphrey was not dead, but had merely retired out of the public eye. The issue was raised in Parliament when Alan Clark MP demanded proof that the cat was still alive. Photographs of Humphrey posing with the day’s newspapers surfaced shortly thereafter, proving that once again, his death had only been a rumor. In March 2006, Tony Blair announced that Humphrey had truly passed away.


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