2. I wanna fuck the world

Octombrie 18, 2009 § 3 comentarii

Some came, some could have, but when they all went I gathered my gifts and borrowed possessions. Some stood still for years and taught me comfort and deeply rooted vice, some came around for a day or two and estranged vile hints for my immagination to indulge itself into. Some left dreams and music, some plagued me with courage or fear. Some even seemed to share the same story and give me that patterned air of emotional derrangement.

Now, I could recall all of them – all and none, only thinking of the one to come.


You wanna fuck the world
The heat between your legs
It burns so hot it will explode
It’s like a powder keg
You wanna open wide
Every object of desire
And only when your lust’s fulfilled
Will you put out the fire
Then when you’ve had your fill
New objects of desire
Will keep the grasping monkey
Greedy and on fire
And when your lust is satisfied
It’s emptiness you’ve got
It just fills up your soul
And like a cancer rots.
Lust …
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome The Tiger Lillies: Lust.

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