Little Girl and Bugs – The Soap Opera.

septembrie 2, 2009 § Lasă un comentariu

episode 1. Little girl enjoys killing little bugs.

episode 2. An army of little bugs attacks and kills little girl.

episode 3. Little girl wakes up, hears a welcoming voice and thinks all has been but a bad dream.

episode 4. Little girl realizes she has died and gone to the final bug judgement.

episode 5. Little girl toils in hell for bugs.

episode 6. Little girl toils in hell for the same bugs.

episode 7. Little girl toils in hell for more bugs and other closely related species.

episode 8. Hell bursts open. Little girls wakes up in a hospital, after an induced coma.

episode 9. Little girl discovers she had been attacked by an army of little bugs and severely hurt.

episode 10. Little girl leaves hospital.

episode 11. Little girl has a sex-change operation.

episode 12. Little girl changes name to Gregor Samsa.

to be continued.


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