Exeunt omnes

August 23, 2009 § Lasă un comentariu

1. Studies by psychologists Alloy and Abramson (1979) and Dobson and Franche (1989) showed that depressed people appear to have a more realistic perception of their importance, reputation, locus of control, and abilities than those who are not depressed. People without depression are more likely to have inflated self-images and look at the world through „rose-colored glasses”, thanks to cognitive dissonance elimination and a variety of other defense mechanisms.

2. The Downing effect describes the tendencies of people with below average intelligence quotients (IQs) to overestimate their intelligence, and of people with above average intelligence to underestimate their intelligence. The disparity between actual IQ and perceived IQ has also been noted between genders by British psychologist Adrian Furnham. Men are prone to overestimate their intelligence by around 5 points while women are likely to underestimate their IQ by a similar proportion.

3. A placebo button is a push-button that appears to do something, but actually has no effect. They exist to give the user an illusion of control. Many walk buttons at pedestrian crossings and door close buttons in elevators are placebo buttons.

4. So push all my buttons.

Enter Grand Depression

Exeunt selves –

Mine a little bit underestimated.


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