3. Preach neutral Christmas

Decembrie 19, 2008 § Lasă un comentariu

+ new, better, catmime-upgraded job; part time, of course; just before the exams, as expected.

– vice supplies.

+ a nice merry-christmas-to-you-missy-payment from the prior commitment .

– no more weekend plans; cut short from self-imposed drama and emotional affairs.

+ presents, pretty, merry-go-round presents, making use of some unpracticed wrapping skills. visits. return of the drama queen.

– last minute anulments. all apologies.

+ beginning to dream of a white christmas again. the denied goodies launched from Santaland are about to enter catmime’s stratosphere.

> tymbark’s banana juice and milky way look disgustingly alike; taste issues.

> vanilla candles, tiny rolling paper, One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich, Soljenitin and the mime in the bathtub.

> the settlers of Catan; charades and photos.

 AMR 7 zile, cu subsemnata de 19 in pachet.


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