gnossienne no 1.

noiembrie 25, 2008 § Lasă un comentariu

Gnossienne no 1, moment muzical si etimologic marca Erik Satie, apartinand ciclului de 6 gnossienne, reprezinta un anumit tip  de compozitie, cam cum sunt ogivele si vexatiile, in original „Ogives” et „Vexations”, iar daca vreti alta limba de circulatie (ceva mai) internationala, a se citi engleza, tot asa, tot asa, cu termenii astia aparent non-muzicali. Daca aceste doua denumiri beneficiaza de trimiteri in alte domenii lingvistice, gnossiennele sunt in intregime creatia lui Satie, existand doua directii de interpretare al termenului. Pe de-o parte, s-a vehiculat derivarea din „gnostic”, Satie fiind intrucatva implicat in miscari si grupari gnostice in perioada fecundarii gnosienelor, (omul a mers pana la a intemeia o biserica) iar pe de alta, se fac trimiteri la „knossos” si implicit miturile cretane.

Gnossiennele au fost asortate din punct de vedere vizual de-a lungul timpului cu numeroase pelicule. Personal, obsesia pentru Gnossienne no 1 incepe o data cu Feu Follet (Louis Malle, 1963), a carui coloana sonora este semnata in intregime de Satie. Alte exemple de filme care s-au lipit de aceasta compozitie: The immortal story a domnului Orson Welles (1968), Miss Mary (1986), Dancing in the Dark (1986), The Painted Veil (2006), Kasky (2008). Lista completa a filmelor care se bucura de creatiile lui monsieur Erik Satie aici.

„Following a rather short adolescence, I became an ordinary young man, tolerable but no more. At that moment in my life I began to think and to write music. Oh yes.
Wretched idea!… very wretched idea!
It certainly was, for I lost no time in developing an unpleasant (original) originality, irrelevant, anti-French, unnatural, etc…
Then life became so impossible for me that I resolved to retire to my estates and pass the rest of my days in an ivory tower – or one of some other (metallic) metal.
That is why I acquired a taste for misanthropy; why I nurtured hypochondria; why I became the most (leaden-like) miserable of men. It distressed people to look at me – even through hall-marked gold eye-glasses. Oh yes.
And all this happened to me because of music. That art has done me more harm that good, really: it has made me quarrel with people of quality, most honourable, more-than-distinguished, terribly genteel people.
Let us pass on. I shall come back to this subject later.

As a person, I am neither good nor bad. I waver between the two, so to speak. So I have never really done harm to anyone – nor good, come to that.
All the same, I have plenty of enemies – loyal enemies, of course. Why? For the most part, it is because they don’t know me – or only know me second-hand, in short, through hearsay (lies worse than death).
Man can never be perfect. I bear no grudge against them: they are the main victims of their ignorance and short-sightedness…. Poor folk!…
So I am sorry for them.
Let us pass on. I shall come back to this subject later.”

Erik Satie.


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