vienna / time to pretend

Octombrie 27, 2008 § Lasă un comentariu

The fights. The nights spent on the streets at 6 degrees. The nights spent in the hostel, drinking our beer and that of our neighbours. The toaster. Family guy on late nights and early mornings. Let’s wake up early this time, mkkey? Rents, the dutch sailor man who couldn’t sleep because of us, the same guy who could now sail to galati and conquer women with the few things we taught him. lasa-ma-n pace, calca-te-ar trenul, ce faci? bine. du-te acasa, pleaca de aici, imputitule, imi plac ochii tai frumosi.

Albertina and Belvedere, Van Gogh, Klimt, Schiele. Mariahilferstrasse and the alternative clothing shops. Stephansplatz and meeting at the cathedral. The bookshops, the mimes, the japanese food, Claire’s and the gifts I left behind in some Kino. The 3 euro beers in every coffee shop. The only documentary we saw: Flip. The night we took a cab and listened to shitty music because the driver was a turkish guy married to a romanian madame both living happily ever after in Vienna. The comic shops. The Prater, the clown pictures, the heart attacks, the cold. Try to break my heart I’ll drive to Arizona. It might take 100 years to grow an arm. I’ll sit and listen to the sound of sand and cold.

 The black highway of people seelling weed and hash on the bridge over the Kanal. The Flex with the Russian guy studying scriptwriting and the hard techno Austrian guys who like vodka and invited little girls to smoke with them. The music that ranged from LSD freaks in the 60’s to little kids on pills and Time to Pretend. The white rabbit was also there, mister Jefferson. The leather couches and the 5 grams, the lost money and the plans for white parties at home. Club Pi on Ziegerglasse with all its beautiful people. The black lolitas, the young military-goth-nazi boys; the men in fishnets and leather skirts, the living, german speaking visuals in front of us – and the delight to the eye.

The Mango, the Pina Colada, The Memphis cigarettes. The last two hours in the city. The pub, the beers, the photos, packing in 5 minutes, trying to get a taxi to the airport. The last hours. Logging off. There are no kangaroos in Austria and no gondolas in Vienna. But there are Teddy Van Gogh bears with ears that come off. It’s time to pretend.



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