postcards and forgotten silver

Octombrie 4, 2008 § Lasă un comentariu

 … going back to the 50’s, to Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, to Cary Grant, the blondes and Mount Rushmore, to Truffaut’s children, whether they are thirteen or thirty, the Raising Hell, the Jules, the Jim and the femme fatale to every one around, including herself. A postcard on the desk showing Federico Fellini e Giuletta, Gelsomina and Cabiria in Venice 1955 …


However, the one thing you should focus is Peter Jackson’s Forgotten Silver. 55 minutes of continuous surprises, laughs and appreciation for those who take interest in documentaries, biographies, film history and a bit of humour. However, this is going to prove a whole lot more if you just sit back and allow it to take you down the path taken by a certain Collin McKenzie almost 60 years ago … So whatever you do to get your hands on it, do not imdb-it! In case you were considering youtube-ing the thingie, you’re pretty much going to come across this and … that’s about all. So, sleep tight, dream loose and remember, naughty boys and girls: downloading movies from the internet is a crime … from time to time.




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