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hotter than your average tequila.

steamier than your average steam engine.

more swollen than your average balloon.

sleepier than your average kid in a coma.

but then again, there’s nothing a large throat can’t handle.

and now the moment your tonsils have been waiting for:


Abscesses – also called quinsy, or peritonsillar abscesses, can appear in the tissues around the tonsils. In some cases, the pus from the abscesses can spread to the surrounding areas, such as the roof of the mouth (palate), neck, chest and lungs. These abscesses can be easily treated using antibiotics, although sometimes a small operation to drain the pus may be needed.

Swelling of the face and neck – this can sometimes block the airways and prevent a person from breathing. Chronic tonsillitis can cause obstructive sleep apnoea, which prevents full oxygen supplies from getting to your brain, and may lead to disturbed sleeping patterns.

Middle ear infection – also known as otitis media, is a build up of mucus in the middle ear, between your ear drum and inner ear. The mucus can sometimes become infected with bacteria but, in most cases, the infection clears by itself.

Blood poisoning – or septicaemia can occur if bacteria get into your bloodstream and multiply. The bacteria can be destroyed using either oral antibiotics (taken by mouth) or intravenous antibiotics which are injected into your bloodstream.

Glomerulonephritis – is inflammation (swelling) of the filters in your kidneys, caused by streptococcal bacteria. It can be treated with antibiotics such as penicillin.

Lemierre’s syndrome – is a very rare condition in which bacteria spreads from your throat to major veins in your neck. Small ‘clumps’ of bacteria then travel through your bloodstream to your lungs, joints and bones. Lemierre’s syndrome can be easily treated with antibiotics but it can be fatal if it is not diagnosed quickly.


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