The ballad of doctor Sigmund Freud

Ianuarie 19, 2008 § 1 comentariu

el profesor


Well, it started in Vienna not so many years ago
When not enough folks were getting sick
A starving young physician tried to better his position
By discovering what made his patients tick
He forgot about sterosis and invented the psychosis
And a hundred ways that sex could be enjoyed
He adopted as his credo „down repression of libido!”

And that was the start of Doctor Sigmund Freud

Well, Doctor Freud, oh Doctor Freud
How we wish you had been differently employed
But the set of circumstances
Still enhances the finances
of the followers of Doctor Sigmund Freud

Well, he analyzed the dreams of the teens and libertines
Substituted monologue for pills
He drew crowds just like Will Sadler
When along came Jung and Adler
And they said by God, there’s gold in them there ills!
They encountered no resistance
When they served as Freud’s assistants
As with ego and with id they deftly toyed
But instead of toting bedpans
They wore analytic deadpans
Those ambitious doctors Adler, Jung and Freud!


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§ One Response to The ballad of doctor Sigmund Freud

  • larry glasser spune:

    I wrote this song (with Bob March and Dave lazar) in 1952 and wish to point out a few errors:
    patients should be fellows
    sterosis should be cirrhosis
    of libido should be Up libido!
    but should be for
    substituted should be as he substituted
    Will Sadler should be Welles Sadler (A famous ballet troupe)
    encountered should be swerved
    The chorus and two verses are missing. Thanks for reproducing it.

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